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Otico OpnOticon:

“The effort it takes to listen – listening effort – is a common complaint among people with hearing loss. When listening is compromised by hearing loss, you have to work hard to understand what is said. That’s because your ears and your brain work together as a system, with your brain doing the heavy lifting. When your brain works hard to hear, you use up cognitive energy. 
Oticon’s “brain first” hearing instruments with BrainHearing™ technology are designed to support the hard work your brain does. With BrainHearing™ technology, the mental effort you need to understand speech in noise is minimized so you can conserve your cognitive resources for other tasks”.

Oticon recently introduced Oticon Opn™, the first hearing aid proven make it easier on the brain. By making it easier to hear in difficult listening situations, Opn not only helps you hear better, it reduces listening effort by 20%* as measured by pupillometry so you have more energy for other tasks, such as remembering what was said…from.. FUEL for thought when listening is an effort

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